I’m a stay-at-home breeder of 2 children.  All members of our household are extremely hungry and opinionated about the dinner menu.  We’re currently experimenting with restaurants and the reactions from both sides.  Children vs. waiters etc.  Let’s face it, Chili’s is used to the toddler set and happily serves over-salted, fresh from the freezer fodder.  My budget rarely allows for a $70 meal but I try teach diversity via palate.  Since my daughter has more taste buds than me she is trusted to make her own decisions about what tastes good.  As long as they try it, I don’t care if they eat it.  Someday this blog will have ads on it and you, dear reader, will fund my steak splurges.


3 responses to “About

  1. i can’t wait to hear more…

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  3. and someday you will have mapped out every diaper changing station/kids menu/best for nursing/ratio of boosters to high chairs, etc in the State.
    Madam Mam’s has no changing tables, but they do have loads of high chairs.

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