“Would you like a Nursing Stool?”

What if in the future a waiter were to see a nursing mother and offer her a stool instead of a blanket (to cover up) like Applebees is considering? Imagine a stack of nursing stools propped next to the stack of high chairs at your favorite eatery. If I have my way it will happen as soon as possible. Our country’s dismal breastfeeding rates will increase when attitudes change. Babies will become healthier making the world a happier place.

You can help! Email me at breedakahlo@gmail.com

Tell Breeda Kahlo your experiences both positive and discriminatory and let’s make this vision a reality.


One response to ““Would you like a Nursing Stool?”

  1. I am reading “Milk, Money, and Madness: The Culture and Politics of Breastfeeding” right now. We need to talk.

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