Madam Mams – Austin, TX


“Plenty of highchairs but no changing table” says Becka (fellow breeder and friend).  Hmm I don’t know how they do it in Thailand but in the USA we prefer a table to plop our babies on.  Regardless, they make a mean pad thai.  While pregnant with Violet I got one of the worst colds I’ve ever had.  Dan went to MM‘s and got me some pad thai with chili.  You have to request it but I swear by it as a cure.  My temperature raised 2 degrees while eating it (I took my temperature before the first bite and then during the meal) and I think it helped kill off whatever was plaguing me.

The heartburn that followed was off the chart but it was worth it.  In fact I would change a baby in my lap in the car to eat there.  The above photo is from the Guadalupe location but I prefer Westgate because it’s more accessible and kid friendly.  A word of caution regarding thai chilis…don’t eat with your hands.  When we were cooking up such dishes in culinary school I noticed some of my chef-mates were wearing gloves.   I laughed at them and taunted them for their wussiness but soon found out that the joke was on me.  My fingertips began to burn as soon as my knife touched the skin of the pepper.  I left class that day with blistered hands.

Do NOT feed this dish to children unless you want to introduce them to the concept of hellfire.   You will probably end up in court soon thereafter.

2514 Guadalupe St  (512) 472-8306

4515 Westgate Blvd. (512) 899-8525


One response to “Madam Mams – Austin, TX

  1. A friend ate the salmon pate and it looked and tasted like Fancy Feast, so I would avoid that. I had fried rice and was less than impressed- it was bland and oily. My lack luster feelings towards this place (the one on Westgate) may have something to due with the fact that we had to leave the restaurant and tag team a huge diaper blow out belonging to her five month old on the trunk of my car. I mean, if the Alamo Drafthouse, which only allows infants one day a week has diaper changing stations, shouldn’t a restaurant?

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