Dandelion Cafe (Austin, TX my hometown)

Yeah, yeah I know. My little blog already has cobwebs from neglect. But I did venture out, a little. 3 week old baby and I met a friend at Dandelion Cafe over on E. 11th Street today. So it’s not the glamorous beginning I planned but hey this lactating mama managed to snag a little goat cheese during the noon hour.

Actually what makes this dining experience even more exciting is that it wasn’t planned. I had $7 and some change in my wallet and my intentions were just to have a spot of tea. Here’s the official critique:

English muffin with egg, fresh spinach, tomato and herbed goat cheese. The english muffin was nicely toasted (not hard to do) and the fresh spinach was…fresh. Egg was cooked to my liking but the goat cheese is where it’s at. Maybe because it’s been 10 months since I’ve had soft cheese, or maybe because it was actually good, whatever the case it tasted like heaven. The two teensy orange slices looked a little puny on the plate but it’s not really worth mentioning when you consider the damage was only $3.50. Look out Rachael Ray. This mama can out eat you for less than $40 a day and I don’t have an annoying cackle or say “YUMMMM.”

Toddler Tolerance: yes*

Breastfeeding Tolerance: yes**

Highchair: yes (from ikea how hip is that?)

Friendly Waitstaff: yes (she served me with a smile and a major hairy armpit)

Super Kid Friendly-there’s a little corner with toys to play with so mamas can gossip in peace.

*dear friend Elliot (16 months) was our official toddler tester. he toddled all over the place and even tried to pull a woman’s laptop plug from the outlet. there was no scolding, just Mama Becka saying “danger”. thanks Elliot, you’re hired!

**very breastfeeding friendly. it must be commonplace because no one told me i was spraying milk all over my baby’s face while sipping my tea. i didn’t realize she had unlatched. so much for my being discreet.

Overall this little cafe gets 4 golden sippy cups from me.

Dandelion Cafe 1115 E. 11th Street (512) 542-9542 Hours: M-F 7am-6pm; Sat & Sun 8am-4pm


2 responses to “Dandelion Cafe (Austin, TX my hometown)

  1. Well said. You did leave out the part where Elliot threw away a spoon and I was too grossed out to retrieve it. Shhh!

  2. R.I.P Dandelion. We hardly knew ye.

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